OPPORTUNITIES FOR FINNISH COMPANIES IN ENERGY AND DIGITALIZATION Join the Team Finland business delegation and travel to Thailand with Mr. Mika Lintilä, Minister of Economic Affairs and discover new business opportunities. WHY THAILAND? Thailand made a leap upwards in World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’ survey, covering 190 economies, from 48th to 26th place, in November 2017. […]

Joining Forces – Promoting Thai-Finnish Trade

Embassy of Finland is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the Team Finland priorities and activities 2018 and to the launching of TFCC’s new strategy and services.

2nd Thailand Int’l Conference & Expo 2017

The 2nd “ Thailand International Conference & Expo 2017” will give answers to five major questions in the digital tourism economy. “ Thailand International Conference & Expo” is part of the “ World Events”, is the top annual meeting-point for experts from the eTourism, mTourism, travel technology, digital travel marketing and distribution channels with decision makers, entrepreneurs, professionals from the travel & hospitality industry of Thailand, the ASEAN Countries as well as the rest of the world, where they can exchange knowledge and experiences, to learn and do business.

Travel Media Applications in cooperation with PATA Thailand Chapter organize this well esteemed event for the second year in Bangkok, on June 28th 2017. This year also incorporates “TripAdvisor Insights Masterclass” in partnership with TripAdvisor.

In the evening of the first day we will celebrate the 4th Digital Innovation Asia Awards where the most innovative digital work in Asia Pacific travel and tourism is featured.


ICT in Thailand: IPR Protection

Event type: Webinar
Date: Thursday 11, May 2017
Time: 10:00–11:00am (Brussels) / 15:00-16:00 (Bangkok)
Location: Your own computer
Admission: No charge
Language: English

Event Description:

In light of the EU Gateway | Business Avenuess business mission to Singapore and Thailand on the Information and Communication Technology Sector of May 22 to 27, join the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk for a Webinar Session on ICT in Thailand: IPR Protection on 11 May 2017. Thailand’s ICT Sector is growing rapidly, and the Thai government is placing heavy emphasis on its development. This provides the perfect circumstances for EU SMEs providing ICT technology and interested in expanding in South-East Asia to further explore the many possibilities Thailand might offer. However, true to our motto “Know before you Go!”, we would like to emphasise the IPR risks and essentials which come along with any new foreign market.

So join the South-East Asia IPR SME helpdesk on Thursday, 11 May 2017, 10:00 – 11:00am (Brussels time), 15:00 – 16:00pm (Bangkok time), you are welcome to join Helpdesk experts Mr. Nic Garnett for a webinar session ” ICT in Thailand: IPR Protection“. Mr. Garnett will give European SMEs a comprehensive overview of the IPR landscape in Thailand, opportunities that this sector may offer and how to best tackle these, as well as relevant best practices in the shape of case-studies.

The free of charge web-based expert presentations provide cost-effective, applicable business advice, including practical IP steps to be taken before and during business activities in or related to the ICT Sector in Thailand. The webinar includes interactive poll questions and case study examples.

Get valuable insights from our expert, ask questions live throughout the webinar and receive expert response during the Q&A session!

Agenda (Bangkok time):

15:00 – 15:05 | Welcome and introduction by the IPR SME Helpdesk team

15:05 – 15:45 | Presentation by the South-East Asia IP expert Mr.Nic Garnett

15:45 – 16:00 | Live Q&A session

Registration: HERE

Expert bio:

Mr. Nic Garnett

Nic Garnett, a consultant with Inter Right (Asia) Co. Ltd , is an internationally recognised expert on the management and protection of copyrights, and a leading lawyer in e-commerce. Nic has represented major online content service providers and rights holders in the licensing of exploitation rights in Asia, the United States and across the European Union. He has advised a wide range of international clients on diverse aspects of e-commerce and internet law, including areas such as security, data privacy, distance selling, e-money, and website contracting. His knowledge of digital media technologies, especially those deployed in the protection of copyrights, has led to extensive advisory work with clients such as the UK Government and the World Intellectual Property Organization, for whom he has written a number of major studies on the relationship between copyright and technology.

A UK-qualified lawyer, Nic holds a postgraduate degree (D.E.A.) in French private law from the Université de Bordeaux, and he received his Masters of Arts in Law from the University of Cambridge. He spent 10 years in Silicon Valley working as both in-house counsel and as a business consultant in the digital media field. His previous assignments include leading the international music recording industry’s anti-piracy efforts in Asia and in Eastern Europe, as well as the organisation’s standardisation efforts in new technology. Nic joined the Helpdesk network in February 2014.


About webinars:

A webinar is a virtual web-based seminar which you can join from the comfort and convenience of your own office or home. Attending webinars can save you time and money, while still delivering key information and allowing for speaker-attendee interaction.


About the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk:

The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk is a European Union co-funded project that provides free, practical, business advice relating to ASEAN IPR to European SMEs. To learn about any aspect of intellectual property rights in South-East-Asia, visit our online portal at For free expert advice on South-East Asia IPR for your business, e-mail your questions to: . You will receive a reply from one of the Helpdesk experts within three working days. The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk is jointly implemented by DEVELOPMENT Solutions, European Union Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Thai European Business Association & European Business Network.

Our condolences

Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce expresses its most sincere condolences to the people of Thailand due to the passing of His Majesty The King


TFCC Annual General Meeting in Hotel Rembrandt, Sept. 13th, 2016

Link to Thaivivat Presentation in the AGM

Link to Euro-Center Presentation in the AGM

Nordic Networking Event April 21st ,2016

The Nordic Chambers in Thailand organized a Nordic Networking event in Westin, Altitude bar on Thursday, April 21st.

There were about 80 people enjoying the great Nordic food and drinks in the beautiful Altitude bar with a great view over Bangkok. We were happy to have people from other countries participating as well as there were guests from Germany, Mexico, Thailand and the Netherlands.

We are very glad that so many Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce members showed up as there were more than 20 people from Finland.

The next Nordic networking event will be organized in the Fall 2016. Hope to see you then again!!









Codemate offers Finnish software development in Asia

“What we’ve learned is that the physical and cultural distance between the software developers and the clients is best kept at minimum.” states Jukka Katajaharju, the Co-Founder and CTO of Codemate, who has been running the Asian operations of this software service house for almost ten years now. The company has started an active campaign to give Finnish companies operating in Southeast Asia a capability to develop software solutions in Southeast Asia with Finnish and local experts. “Codemate’s Bangkok office has been built to satisfy this exact demand.” says Katajaharju.

“We have been mainly serving customer companies in Finland from our sites in Oulu, Helsinki, Bangkok and Dhaka, but many of the best Finnish firms operate here close to our Asian offices. We started asking ourselves, why not cooperate with these brave firms, also in serving their Asian customers or in increasing their process efficiency.” Katajaharju explains.

Mr. Karri Kivelä, Executive Director of Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce points out that “Finland is one of the most innovating country when it comes to software development. Slush and the success of the many gaming companies are a proof of that. I have been contacted by many Finnish and international IT start ups and many of these companies are not only looking for financing and market entry services but also a local partner who knows the South East Asian markets and can provide local customer service for the prospective clients. Knowing Codemate for years now I can warmly recommend their partnership to any IT company targeting Southeast Asian or global markets!”

Codemate’s story began in 2007 in Oulu, after a couple of years of operating together with a local partner in Dhaka. “It became clear that we need to have full control over our developers in Asia to reach extremely high quality and opened our own office there, which was quite pioneering at the time.” Katajaharju looks back. “It’s quite paradoxical that we originally opened our Asian offices to serve Finnish clients with cost efficient software development and now we are also bringing Finnish developers to work in Asia!” Katajaharju exclaims.

Web systems, mobile applications and IoT solutions are the key domains where Codemate operates. “We can help in basically anything related to digitals services’ development, testing, localisation and maintenance.” Says Katajaharju.

Companies interested in discussing the cooperation possibilities in digital services, can contact Jukka Katajaharju by e-mail at . More information on Codemate is found at

Moomin Café opens in Bangkok on April 21st.

Muumit valtaavat Bangkokin

”Ei ole mikään konsti olla rohkea, jos ei pelkää”, Muumipappa ohjeistaa. Samalla reseptillä Muumit valloittavat Bangkokin monikansallista asiakaskuntaa. Japanista Muumeilla on jo niskalenkki. Muumien suosio on siellä valtava, sillä kahvilaan joutuu jonottamaan. Bangkokiin 21. huhtikuuta avattavasta Muumilaakso kahvilasta odotetaan vastaavanlaista menestystä. – Muumit tulivat japanilaisille tutuksi Dennis Livsonin 1990-luvun alussa tekemästä animaatiosarjasta. Muumit valloittivat Japanin yhden yön aikana. Nyt on Thaimaan vuoro, Moomin Characters Oy toimitusjohtaja Roleff Kråkström kertoo. Mika Waltarin Sinuhe Egyptiläinen – romaanin jälkeen Tove ja Lars Janssonin luomat Muumit ovat eniten käännettyä kirjallisuutta maailmalla.

Muumi on suomalainen

Muumien taianomaisuus kiehtoo aasialaisia. Thaimaalaiset uskovat, että Muumi on japanilainen hahmo. –Tämä on totta. Muumia luullaan japanilaiseksi Thaimaassa, mutta eiköhän käsitys pian oikene, toimitusjohtaja Kråkström naurahtaa. Koko liiketoiminta perustuu Toven ja Larsin luomiin arvoihin, rohkeuteen, rakkauteen, perheeseen, seikkailumieleen ja uteliaisuuteen. Muumit toimivat kaikkialla. Aasiassa perhe on kaiken keskipiste. Perhe on myös meille tärkeä, mutta Aasiassa perheen merkitys korostuu ja näkyy, Roleff Kråkström sanoo. Kirjojen maailma ei ole toimitusjohtajalle outo maailma, hän ehti ennen Moomin Characters Oy.n toimitusjohtajan työtä olla viisitoista vuotta WSOY:n markkinointijohtajana. Muumit kiehtoivat häntä jo tuolloin juuri niiden yleismaailmallisuuden vuoksi. Kråkströmin sanontaa aasialaisesta perhekulttuurista tukee Bangkokin Yliopiston tekemä tutkimus, jossa luokiteltiin aasialaisten arvoasteet. Ensiksi tuli maan Kuningas, toisena tuli Buddha, kolmantena perhe, raha. Arvostus länsimaalaisia kohtaan sijoittui sijalle kolmetoista sitä ennen tulivat mm. siat ja kanat.

Askel askeleelta Aasian markkinoille

Aasian markkina-arvoa ei voida vähätellä, ilman Kiinaakin kauppa-alueella on 600 miljoonaa ihmistä. Pelkästään Bangkokissa asuu yli 12 miljoonaa asiakasta. Myös Muumimaailma kasvaa vuosi vuodelta. – Olemme kasvattaneet markkinaosuuttamme 1 000% prosentilla kahdeksan vuoden sisällä. Olemme tietoisesti valinneet Muumien filosofian: etenemme pienin askelia ja vakaasti – mistään tinkimättä, Rolfleff Kråkström toteaa. Kråkström on kiireinen mies, ja matkustuspäiviä kertyy yli 130 päivää vuodessa. Seuraava seikkailu onkin Bangkokiin, missä avataan Muumimaailma kahvilan Bangkokin ydinkeskustassa, jossa paikalla ovat filosofinen muumipappa ja aina kiukkuinen pikku Myy. Pikku Myy muistaa kyllä tiuskia jokaisella, joka epäilee hänen suomalaisuuttaan.

Maria Palo

-”Elämä on täynnä suuria ihmeitä sille, joka on valmis ottamaan niitä vastaan, Muumipappa miettii. Kuva; Moomin Characters Oy.

Bangkokin ensimmäinen Muumilaakson muumikahvila avataan huhtikuussa ja, jos merkit pitävät paikkansa niin se saa samanlaisen suosion kuin vastaava kahvila Japanissa. Yksi tärkeimmistä tehtävistä on oikoa thaimaalaisten käsitys siitä mistä maasta muumit tulevat, Moomin Characters Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Roleff Kråkström sanoo. Kuva: Moomin Characters Oy.