Covid-19: Cabinet Resolutions

The enclosed file is the summary of the measures (that are relevant to businesses) from cabinet resolutions on 10th March and 24th March 2020.

Message from Chairman TCC&BOT (Board Member)

Coronavirus Q&A

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has put together a handy Q&A on coronavirus and traveling:


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TFCC President’s Letter – 12 March 2020

Dear Fellow Members,

For your information that I relocated from Bangkok to Chonburi (Pattaya) yesterday.

Yesterday my landlord registered me as her new tenant, i.e., she submitted TM.30 report to Chonburi Immigration in Pattaya.

Today, I went to Chonburi Immigration in Pattaya and wanted to register my new home address, i.e., to submit the TM.28 report.

The immigration officer did not accept my TM.28 report and she told me that I don’t have to register my new home address because my landlord had already submitted the TM.30 report.

I showed her a copy of the TM.30 receipt with me; however, she told me that I must keep the original TM.30 receipt with my passport.

She told me that I don’t have to report my address after traveling; however, my landlord must report my return home every time.

Local landlords can apply for access codes for the online address registration system on the second floor at Chonburi Immigration in Pattaya.

Yours sincerely

Jorma Manninen

TFCC President’s Letter – February 2020

Dear Fellow Members, Partners and Friends,

For your information we have made a few new decisions, organised events and been active in many ways.


  • We decided to start procurement of secretarial and administrative services from external parties, who we think are capable of delivering services required by TFCC.


  • TFCC Shrove Sunday and House Warming Party had to be cancelled due to coronavirus fears.
  • TFCC GT Friday on 28 February 2020 at Bully’s Pub – GT Friday is a get together after work party for members and guests every last Friday of the month.


  • TFCC Presidents are negotiating with a few potential new members and partners, who are interested in collaborating wth us.
  • TFCC executive director Mr. Teuvo Tuomi started working for TFCC in February 2020.
  • TFCC new business address has been registered at DBD and other government authorities , banks, etc. will be informed in March 2020.
  • TFCC Intern Miss Henna Kirjavainen is conducting her bachelor thesis about Inbound Marketing Strategy and she will report the results in March 2020.

New Members

  • TFCC has received and approved a few membership applications and new members will be introduced later and their contact information will be uploaded on our website.

Other Issues

  • I will relocate my family from Bangkok to Chonburi (Pattaya) in March and start working in Thailand for a Finnish company in April 2020.

Have a nice weekend!

Jorma Manninen, President