Dear members and friends of TFCC,

Our corporate member Peter Weckström makes the best coffee in Bangkok.

Peter can deliver the freshly roasted coffee to your workplace directly whether you want coffee beans or grinded coffee. Not too much at the time so It is always fresh. You can pick the ingredients from countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Costa Rica or Thailand. Peter can discuss with you the quality and price best suitable for you company needs. Coffee is like bread, best when it is fresh!! None of the large coffee shops in Thailand can match this freshness!!

Peter has been roasting coffee since 1996 and in Bangkok since 2007. Peter knows where to find the best coffee beans and keep the quality high.

Please send us the following information of your company’s coffee needs:

How many people you have in your workplace?

Do you use coffee beans or grinded coffee?

Who is the contact person in your company for coffee matters? (name and contact info)

Please send the answers to these questions directly to Peter Weckström, , or call 089-0020880

According to your feedback Peter will be in touch with you soonest and suggest a meeting in your company and discuss the coffee needs further.