Membership levels


฿ 2000 per year (excl. VAT)
  • The same services and benefits as Individual Member


฿ 5000 per year (excl. VAT)
  • Business Connection Services - Events

    The services facilitate connections and foster business collaboration in Thailand. They include face-to-face events such as networking events, business seminars, social events, co-hosted events, and invitations to local business events.

    The benefits. Networking and business events enable new business relationships, provide valuable business insights and eventually open business opportunities.
  • Digital Connection Services - Information Channel

    The services bring information channels to members, including direct emails, social media feeds and webinars.

    The benefits. Regular news flow keeps members updated on relevant business topics.


฿ 12000
  • The same services and benefits as Corporate Member


฿ 20000
  • The same benefits as individual membership plus the following services and benefits
  • Business Referral Services - Business Matchmaking

    The services link members to other companies that may become stakeholders or partners. The referral process is confidential and can be extended to other foreign chamber members.

    The benefits. Trusted business referrals provide trustworthy partnerships, speeding up things in complex business environments.
  • Business Promotion Services - Advocacy

    TFCC uses its stakeholders in NGO, NPO and governmental agencies to promote trade and influence government policy. B2B and G2B relationships open doors for opportunities and facilitate operations. Members are welcome to join this collaboration.

    The benefits. B2B and B2G models open opportunities, especially for emerging and growing industries with high demand for innovation. Advocacy on government policies will develop regulations, thus making the business environment friendlier for foreign companies.


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