In this Thai PBS World interview, Finland’s Ambassador to Thailand, Mr Jyri Järviaho, talks about the Finnish education, circular economy, and the Thai-Finnish cooperation.


Park & Garden is a playground and recreational product specialist based in Bangkok, Thailand. For the past 27 years, Park & Garden has been representing Lappset Group (Finland) in the Thai market.
Lappset Group provides play and sport experiences for people of all ages. The company was founded in Rovaniemi, Finland, in 1970. It is made up of the parent company in Finland and subsidiaries in eight countries. Lappset’s network of partners, including Park & Garden, covers approximately 60 different countries all over the world.
To get more information or customize a play and sport project with Park & Garden, get in touch via the channels below:
Facebook: Park & Garden
Instagram: @parkandgarden_thailand
Phone: 02 936 6109

Bangkok Patana School has started a trial program with ATK test kits for staff coming onto the school campus. The goal is to provide a safe, staggered, and controlled return to school for all staff and students.

The trial will help the school to set proper processes in place for the hopeful return of students to the campus in limited groups. Strict COVID-19 measures remain in place including social distancing with a reduction of all unnecessary contact across classes and teams, regular deep cleaning, and protective health and wellbeing measures.

Vaccination rates and ATK testing will also be factored into the reopening approval and planning. Currently 85% of the staff on campus are fully vaccinated and 99% of the staff have at least one vaccine.

Should the application be granted, Bangkok Patana hopes to bring back students over a period of weeks in small groups and with ATK testing kits to be sent home with students for testing at home.


Afghanistan and Taliban takeover in Kabul– update 20.08.2021

More than 5.000 Expatriates, international staff and locals have been evacuated from Afghanistan from Kabul International Airport via military organized flights, since the Taliban seized government control in Afghanistan earlier this week.

Although the overall situation and government transition of control to the Taliban remains largely peaceful and with some government offices reopening in Herat for example, there have been reports of incidences of violence, casualties and protests so the situation remains unstable. There has reportedly been around forty casualties at the Kabul Airport since Monday and there are still people unaccounted for as people attempted to make their way to the airport.

Euro-Center Thailand are in frequent contact with our main providers including clinics registered solely in Afghanistan, whom have confirmed to us that they are still operating with local Afghan staff. Internationally linked providers, hospitals and clinics are otherwise affected and with a significant degree of even complete closures of their facilities.  In general our preferred providers outside Kabul are currently not reachable or cannot be considered secure.

Although the day-to-day situation can change with short or no notice we always have available options in order to provide assistance. Emergent cases are managed very much case by case and always with focus on an evacuation. We also have supported partners in finding flight solutions.

Euro-Center Thailand is continuing to monitor the situation and we will provider further updates in a timely manner.


Euro-Center Thailand


Neither Euro-Center Holding nor any local Euro-Center’s or staff can accept liability for injury, loss or damage arising in any respect of any statement contained in this notification


Bangkok Patana School wants to congratulate its students on their (I)GCSE results. Their resilience showed with an overall pass rate of 96 percent.

Like most of their peers in Thailand and around the world, this cohort has had the challenge of learning off campus for a large portion of this two-year course. Still, almost three-quarters of the grades (73.85 percent) were A* – A / 9 to 7 and 12 students received nine or more A*/9 to 8. 87.4 percent of the grades awarded were A* – B / 9 to 6.

Congratulations to our hard-working students on their tremendous achievement given all the extraordinary challenges they have faced over the last two years!

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has declared that Thailand will fully reopen its borders within four months. The country will be also ready to begin welcoming fully vaccinated foreign tourists, starting with Phuket on 1 July.

“The time has now come for us to look ahead and set the date on which we can fully open our country and start welcoming visitors, because it is one of the important ways by which we can start to reduce the enormous suffering of people who have lost their incomes,” Mr. Prayut says.

“I know this decision comes with some risks because, when we open the country, there will be an increase in infections, no matter how good our precautions may be, but I think, when we consider the economic needs of people, the time has now come for us to take a calculated risk. The priorities for our country must now advance to the next level.”

Sauna is one of the most discussed interventions which could strengthen our immune systems. Dr. Marc Cohen, who is a medical doctor and a professor of health sciences, believes that sauna and heat-stress could potentially help prevent and even treat COVID-19. He adds that saunas remain an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, smart eating, and sleeping habits combined with social interaction.

Kelo wood is nature's very own antique ~ Sauna from Finland

After making yearly vacations to Thailand for about 10 years, Juha Timonen finally decided to stay in the country for good in 2004. He sold part of his business in Finland and started building condominiums in Pattaya for a clientele consisting mostly of Russian, Finnish, Chinese, and other foreign nationals. The venture paid off as Siam Oriental Condos today has become synonymous with quality, personalized service, and good value for money.

“We always try to collect all our experiences and incorporate them into our new projects,” says Timonen, founder, and director of the all-around, low-rise development company. “With excellent location and quality, we’re able to deliver to our clients the best condominiums for less.”

Drawing on the latest Scandinavian building technologies and the support of its own construction company, Siam Oriental is set to complete its 11th development project in early 2021. Also located in Pattaya, STAR condominium offers a breathtaking view of the sea from units crafted with the finest materials. Tenants will get to enjoy a sunroof deck with a swimming pool, gym, Finnish-style sauna, underground parking, and high-speed internet for every unit. A subsidiary is also dedicated to maintaining the properties or helping tenants who want to rent out their units.

“We’re in the middle of Pattaya and a short way from Sukhumvit, the motorways, and Bangkok,” Timonen says. “You can walk safely around the neighborhood as we are lucky to have a royal resident residence here. In the evening, you won’t believe you are less than a kilometer from one of the world’s biggest nightlife districts.”

Siam Oriental projects are also only a few hundred meters away from the sea and inner-city 8-hole golf course.

The market is going through many changes now and leaves only the best real estate developers with long-term views alive and standing – Siam Oriental being one of them. 

“It is important that an investor or home buyer feels safe and confident when buying a piece of real estate from Thailand, it is not the easiest decision to make. Investing in Siam Oriental projects is a safe bet – we have delivered all our projects by the schedule promised.”

“For investors and holiday home buyers, the time for buying is now more than ever – quality and service are more and more important to stay in the competition. You can now invest in high-quality projects with the same price as before and get more value in return.”

Siam Oriental is ideal for both, as a holiday home or investment. 

“We have satisfied customers from both groups and with different budgets. You can choose to have your property for only yourself or give it for rent, or why not both?!” 

Perfect as a retirement home, as hundreds of expatriates have already made their decision to spend their retirement within Siam Oriental projects. Perfect as an investment, as Pattaya is growing every year and people are looking for more rental homes. Many people have also chosen to have a mix of the two – have a holiday in their own home within Siam Oriental for a few months and earn passive income the rest of the time while renting out their property. 

As Siam Oriental embarks on more projects, it welcomes new clients and entrepreneurs.

“Investors and buyers can always tell us straight what they want as we are highly flexible,” Timonen says. 

“We can tailor payment and investment programs and other concerns in a truly personalized manner as we nurture lasting relationships with everyone.”


Source: Discovery Report Group (Victor Lanza, John Patrick Malolos, Lynnie Dayrit)


Esa, Kerttu, and Pasi Rousu have sold sell their shares in Chempolis Oy to Taaleri’s circular economy private equity fund (Taaleri Kiertotalous Ky).

Päivi Rousu will continue in the employment of the company and as a shareholder.