Business referral services – business matchmaking

The services link members to other companies that may become stakeholders or partners. The referral process is confidential and can be extended to other foreign chamber members.

Trusted business referrals provide trustworthy partnerships, speeding up things in complex business environments.

✓ TFCC maintains a list of members companies can use to find potential partners.

✓ TFCC’s referral process allows businesses to connect with other businesses. The referral process is confidential, and TFCC only matches companies it believes are a good fit.

✓ The referral process can be extended with the support of the local Team Finland organization and the network of foreign chambers of commerce and associations. This broadens the reference to companies, not only TFCC members or known service providers.


👍🏻The TFCC member list helps companies to speed up their company search.

👍🏻The recommendation process brings together companies that may be well suited to each other and, therefore, reliable partner candidates.

👍🏻Expanded referral process expands and gives companies more options when looking for partner candidates.