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Afghanistan and Taliban takeover in Kabul– update 20.08.2021

More than 5.000 Expatriates, international staff and locals have been evacuated from Afghanistan from Kabul International Airport via military organized flights, since the Taliban seized government control in Afghanistan earlier this week.

Although the overall situation and government transition of control to the Taliban remains largely peaceful and with some government offices reopening in Herat for example, there have been reports of incidences of violence, casualties and protests so the situation remains unstable. There has reportedly been around forty casualties at the Kabul Airport since Monday and there are still people unaccounted for as people attempted to make their way to the airport.

Euro-Center Thailand are in frequent contact with our main providers including clinics registered solely in Afghanistan, whom have confirmed to us that they are still operating with local Afghan staff. Internationally linked providers, hospitals and clinics are otherwise affected and with a significant degree of even complete closures of their facilities.  In general our preferred providers outside Kabul are currently not reachable or cannot be considered secure.

Although the day-to-day situation can change with short or no notice we always have available options in order to provide assistance. Emergent cases are managed very much case by case and always with focus on an evacuation. We also have supported partners in finding flight solutions.

Euro-Center Thailand is continuing to monitor the situation and we will provider further updates in a timely manner.


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