Dear Fellow Members, Partners and Stakeholders,
Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) was granted charter on 21 September 1992 by the Royal Thai Ministry of Commerce; however, Thai-Finnish Trade Association (TFTA), the predecessor of TFCC, was officially established a few years earlier on 6 March 1989 over thirty years ago.

Our Mission

The primary objectives of TFTA were and the mission statement of TFCC is:

“Act as a contact, resource and information point for Finnish businesses in Thailand and for Thai enterprises interested in doing business with Finland as well as to develop relations between the two countries in all areas.”
“Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce’s (TFCC) mission is to is support our members and partners to achieve their business objectives in Thailand. TFCC full fills its role by providing services of its own or facilitating the services of its partners in the Thai-Finnish business ecosystem aiming at maximum positive impact to our members’ business.”
Our Vision

Two years ago our present strategy was developed and introduced and we started our journey to achieve our vision:

TFCC’s aim is to move from a general event organizer to a facilitator of services by leveraging on its core position in the Thai-Finnish business ecosystem.
TFCC wants to be the trusted partner for its members when it comes to solving their business challenges in Thailand.
Our Strategy

TFCC strategy has been recognized by many key players to the extent that some of our stakeholders have used our strategy as a model to redesign their own strategies.

I would like to thank Mr. Jari Hietala and other former presidents before him as well as all other directors and advisers, who have used their skills, knowledge and experience to lead TFCC in the past.

Year 2020

Next year we will start strengthening our position as the primary contact, resource and information point for the Thai-Finnish business ecosystem by transforming our communications; attracting new members and activating our members to provide services to each other; as well as managing our stakeholders as customers and listening to the voice of our members

Our New Team

Annual Ordinary General Meeting took place on 15 October 2019 at Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok. Among other decisions five board members were re-elected and six men were elected as new members of the board.
A few weeks later, on 7 November 2019, the board of directors elected the new president and two vice presidents as well as the treasurer and board secretary.
On 2 December 2019 it was decided to nominate the new executive director and relocate our office team in the beginning of next year. I think our new team is stronger than ever and we can achieve our goals together!
On behalf of Team TFCC I wish our fellow members and partners as well as other stakeholders …

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jorma Manninen, President