iLoq Redefines Locking Industry

ILOQ is a Finnish growth company that has transformed mechanical locking into highly functional and secure digital access management. iLOQ provides self-powered digital locking and mobile access management solutions that have revolutionized the locking industry. It has developed and patented its innovative technology and software – enabling electronic locking without batteries or cables.

iLOQ makes life easier by providing smart and secure access to the buildings and spaces we use daily. Its strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products fulfills the needs of industry and the utility sector by transforming mechanical locking into highly functional and flexible digital and mobile access sharing and management.

iLoq is an industry-leading innovator of patented energy-harvesting technology. its self-powered digital locking and NFC-enabled mobile access management solutions have revolutionized the locking industry by offering electronic locking – all this without batteries or cables!

In 2016, iLOQ announced the NFC product family S50 that utilizes NFC technology to its full potential. The iLOQ S50 – with keyless, NFC-enabled mobile access technology and secure cloud-based access sharing – is the first lock cylinder on the planet to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone.

The iLOQ S50 takes keys, batteries, and excess wiring out of the equation allowing for significant product lifecycle savings. This advanced technology is designed to solve difficult issues facing the utility industry and simplify daily operations, saving businesses time and resources.

iLOQ S50 is an ideal solution for consolidating multiple (and remote) location management if you operate and maintain critical energy infrastructure assets.

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Georg Jensen Joins Fiskars Group

Fiskars Group has completed the acquisition of the renowned Danish luxury lifestyle brand Georg Jensen by acquiring 100% of the shares of Georg Jensen Investment APS.

The debt-free, cash-free purchase price (enterprise value) was 155 million euros, which is subject to a post-completion adjustment based on the level of net working capital and cash and debt in the acquired business on the closing date.

Georg Jensen has products based on strong craftsmanship and timeless design in the homewares and jewelry categories. Its history goes back more than 100 years when silversmith Georg Jensen founded the company in 1904 in Copenhagen.

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New Member: Jintana Herb Sauna

Jintana Herb Sauna in Hua Hin offers the best Thai-Finnish sauna experience in the kingdom. It gives a one-of-a-kind sauna experience that combines the healing properties of a traditional Thai herbal steam sauna with the refreshing ambiance of a Finnish sauna.

The comfort and satisfaction of its customers are paramount to Jintana and Erkki Kellosalo, who run the business in one of Thailand’s finest travel destinations, Hua Hin. The cleanliness and maintenance of the premises are to a high standard, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.



Whether you are into saunas, and various traditional herbal treatments, or want to try some of the exotic food options, Jintana Herb Sauna promises you a leisurely, relaxing, and memorable day.

Tel: 080 856 5958 (Thai & Engl)
Tel: 097 169 0023 (Finn & Engl)   
Email: [email protected]



PYN Elite is an actively managed equity fund that has successfully invested in the Asian stock markets for 24 years. Currently, the fund’s assets are in the Vietnamese stock market in about 20 listed companies.
PYN’s goal is to find significant value gains with considerable company and market-specific weightings. The fund aims at long-term value investing and aims to have a clearly higher return than equity funds with diversified global portfolios.
PYN Elite fund (non-UCITS) is suitable for demanding investors in the financial markets. The investor investing in the fund must be seeking a return on investment for at least ten years.
PYN companies have offices in Helsinki, Bangkok, and in Ho Chi Minh City.
PYN is this year’s Independence Day Gala’s main sponsor. It continues to be one of TFCC’s most loyal corporate members.
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Arkki’s Practical Genius

The Arkki curriculum has made its way to Thailand. TFCC’s interns witnessed first-hand the innovative way Arkki uses with its students.


As interns at the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (TFCC), we had an opportunity to learn about the Finnish educational system, which is now available to Thai students to help them reach their full potential. 

This innovative education system from Finland has slight differences compared to the original Thai education system, which seems to emphasize academic subjects like mathematics, the sciences, and standardized testing. 

Arkki does not work this way. Its educational method, rather than relying on lectures, emphasizes practical work and hands-on experience to help students reach their full potential. 

Ms. Kaewkwan Hongsakul, the administrator of Thailand’s Arkki Academy, believes that the most valuable time to bring out a student’s potential is when the student is still a child. She also said that, for example, NASA prefers to work with children under the age of ten because, at that age, they have a great deal of creativity, and their potential has not been limited yet.


Focus on Learning, not Grades

The fashion studio as well as the creative crafts, digital design, and fabrication workshops are the four areas covered by Arkki’s creative education program imported from Finland. 

The names of classrooms indicate the activities and are not particularly related to the academic field. The classes are full of creativity and solving practical issues. 

The Arkki educational system places a premium on how its students think about and deal with problems. They don’t worry too much about grades and instead focus on the method. They do not use a grading system, prioritizing the process of learning instead of judging the students by their grades.


Class Sizes Capped at Sixteen

Arkki cares about the students since they have to deal with young children. In one classroom, one instructor is responsible for the education of only eight children, and the number of students allowed in a classroom is capped at sixteen. This demonstrates that they are more concerned with the quality of education than the number of students. 

Arkki also collaborates and works together with other major businesses such as Toyota, Ideo (condominium), and the Wildlife Foundation. This helps students to organize the tasks that they receive from the companies. 

Major companies are willing to use and develop those ideas from students in Arkki school. 

Having students of varying ages learn together in the same classroom will instill collaboration. Students who are older will teach and demonstrate their points of view to students who are younger in the classroom. In return, older students will have the opportunity to develop their abilities as leaders. 


Siriluk Sirichaisukcharoen and Krittayot Kradangnga



TFCC Adds New Interns

Ms. Siriluk (Benz) Sirichaisukcharoen, and Mr. Krittayot (Mark) Kradangda have started as TFCC’s new interns.

Benz is a fourth-year student graduating from the School of Liberal Arts, majoring in English (Business English Track), at Mae Fah-Luang University (MFU).

“I would take every opportunity to learn new things. I believe I can provide value to the chamber by improving my current skills,” Benz says.

Mark, on the other hand, is just back from his exchange program at the University of Tampere. He is enrolled in his third year at Mahidol University’s International College, studying International Relations and Global Affairs.

“I hope I will be able to accomplish a lot and create some incredible memories while using my best abilities to help the chamber,” Mark adds.



ACE Celebrates Anniversary

ACE Languages was established in 2017 and incorporated Voxy (Thailand) with its grand opening at True Digital Park (TDPK) in 2019.
Today, the company has 2 offices in Thailand, a head office at CP Tower (Silom) and a showroom at TDPK.
26 May marks the anniversary of the head office of ACE Languages, and, to celebrate this auspicious moment, a Blessing Ceremony will take place in the morning.
ACE has also just finished renovation and thus a small group gathering of friends and partners to meet and greet on this special occasion.
Happy Anniversary, ACE Languages!
More information: / 02-0427278

DeeMoney Offers Easy Platform for All Needs

DeeMoney is Thailand’s leading FinTech, specializing in international money transfers. With its vision to create a world where every person has control over their financial lives, it has developed simple and easy-to-use platforms for customers of all needs. The company received the Non-Bank International Money Remittance Service License, E-Payment Service License, and Authorized Money Changer License from the Ministry of Finance in 2017.

DeeMoney’s mission is to improve the financial outcomes of every single customer so they can focus on what matters: making good things grow.

The founders, Aswin and Rasmegh, established DeeMoney to provide ethical financial solutions that benefit users, starting with giving international money transfer service at a minimal cost and at the customer’s convenience.

Call Center: +66 (0)2 821 5555, from 9:00 a.m.-8:00 PM daily

Finest Future Expanding into Thailand

Finest Future has been busy hiring new people to head and lead the departments of education, partnerships, customer success, and marketing. The company is employing four times more people than a year ago.

After promising starts in Vietnam and Myanmar, Finest Future is now expanding also into Thailand.

Finest Future was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs from Finland and Vietnam. Its ambition is to create global growth through super-connecting programs in the area of education, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Happy 2023!

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing all our members, friends, and everyone else a joyous 2023!

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