DeeMoney Offers Easy Platform for All Needs

DeeMoney is Thailand’s leading FinTech, specializing in international money transfers. With its vision to create a world where every person has control over their financial lives, it has developed simple and easy-to-use platforms for customers of all needs. The company received the Non-Bank International Money Remittance Service License, E-Payment Service License, and Authorized Money Changer License from the Ministry of Finance in 2017.

DeeMoney’s mission is to improve the financial outcomes of every single customer so they can focus on what matters: making good things grow.

The founders, Aswin and Rasmegh, established DeeMoney to provide ethical financial solutions that benefit users, starting with giving international money transfer service at a minimal cost and at the customer’s convenience.

Call Center: +66 (0)2 821 5555, from 9:00 a.m.-8:00 PM daily

Finest Future Expanding into Thailand

Finest Future has been busy hiring new people to head and lead the departments of education, partnerships, customer success, and marketing. The company is employing four times more people than a year ago.

After promising starts in Vietnam and Myanmar, Finest Future is now expanding also into Thailand.

Finest Future was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs from Finland and Vietnam. Its ambition is to create global growth through super-connecting programs in the area of education, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Happy 2023!

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Peace, Joy, and Love This Christmas!

For our members, friends, and everyone else: May Your Christmas be filled with love and laughter!

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Heartfelt Thanks to Our Sponsors!

We need to give credit where it’s due. We would not have been able to organize today’s TFCC30 & Finland105 Gala Dinner without our sponsors. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your donations!

Platinum Sponsors: PYN Elite & Valmet

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PYN: New Hope for Vietnam

“It’s been an unexpected and very peculiar year in Vietnam. In 2022 the stock market of Asia’s fastest-growing, most competitive, and the least-indebted country faced a total crash. In a year of excellent earnings growth, the Vietnam stock market has plummeted 40%, while at the same time the ASEAN markets witnessed declines of only a few percent.

The reasoning for the slump in Vietnam is exceptional. The financial regulators decided to go ahead with the disciplinary measures this year when the investors already were on shaky ground due to global uncertainties. We do agree that the administration’s measures are welcome and justified. These actions are targeted at a group of few, that includes a lawyer who is a well-known manipulator of the stocks of his companies for years and some real estate companies that have been guilty of shady land deals and unethical practices in marketing corporate bonds.

Unfortunately, these discipline measures have created collateral damage, and retail investors’ confidence in the bond market has dropped to the bottom. The corporate bond market liquidity has been frozen, and lots of stocks have faced forced sales while being used as collateral for the bonds. Uncertainty in the market also pushed Vietnamese businesses to convert sizeable amounts of the local currency for US dollars, causing a flash devaluation of the dong.

The Vietnamese authorities are well aware of all the negative side effects of the discipline measures, and last week a list of actions to restore confidence in the financial markets became public. There is new hope for the better, and there is a good reason to believe that Vietnam’s Index will be heading higher in the next 12 months.

On the other hand, the Vietnamese administration will continue to try to maintain law and order in the financial markets, and there will certainly be no amnesty for those who acted unethically. Let’s keep in mind also that the Vietnamese administration has very consistently for a couple of decades aligned its key policies towards pro-business. Vietnamese administrators are able to correct these self-inflicted wounds so that the problems do not reach Vietnam’s extensive business sectors, which are the basis of healthy growth.

The Vietnamese government is targeting +6.5 percent GDP growth for 2023. Our take is that likely near-term weakness of EU and US demand will take its toll on Asian exports to these markets. Our estimate for Vietnam’s GDP growth in 2023 is slightly lower, +5.5 percent.”

(Peta’s Blog)


Peta’s Blog is Petri Deryng’s and PYN Elite’s news site that keeps us updated on the latest in Southeast Asia.

PYN Elite is a successful Finnish equity fund and one of the main sponsors of the upcoming TFCC30 Gala that takes place on 3 December at Sofitel Sukhumvit Hotel. PYN has been one of the most loyal supporters of TFCC throughout the years.

You’ll find more information HERE.



Video: The Story of Valmet

Valmet Co., Ltd. is one of the TFCC30 Gala Dinner’s main sponsors. Valmet is also one of TFCC’s most loyal members.

The following video, The Story of Valmet, tells about Valmet’s 220 years of industrial history linked with events that occurred. It describes the insights and solutions that modern-day Valmet has been built on. But it’s also a story of a Finnish market leader.


Biokia Stands for Quality and Sustainability

The clean forests of northern Finland are ideal for growing berries: clean and bright, untouched, and free of pesticides. Nordic berries are an authentic superfood rich in nutrients and flavor.

In berries, all vitamins, flavonoids, trace elements, and dietary fiber are in natural form. Berries are an easy and delicious way to eat healthily and boost your wellbeing.

Biokia’s berries are handpicked to ensure the highest quality and sustainability of the forests. In addition to local berry pickers, hundreds of foreign berry pickers, including Thais, are also invited to come and pick berries during the season every year.

We take responsibility for paying a reasonable salary for our berry pickers. All our operations comply with the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility.

Biokia’s products are now available also in Thailand.  Please find more information about the products and their distribution HERE.

Tutor e Institute Brings Digital Training to Asia

Tutor e Institute from Finland develops high-class e-learning in practice-oriented training and further training. Our mission is to make the world a better, safer, and cleaner place to live. Tutor e Institute digital training gives all the people skills and competence to succeed in life and know how to act.

Our target markets are in Asia and Africa, where experience and know-how are the keys to future success and our expanding digital course portfolio offers training for a diversified audience of professionals and aspirants.

We value practical skills, lifelong learning, quality of training, and high educational standards. We are a reliable partner for industries and educational institutions worldwide. With our digital e-Learning concepts, we offer solutions at the vocational level accompanying people during their lifelong learning process. Schools, colleges, universities, small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations are the users of our digital courses.

In developing our digital courses, we work closely with well-known international partners from industry and academia. In order to create innovative digital courses, we combine our didactic knowledge with the technical expertise of our industrial partners. The goal is to bring trainees, young or adult, learning experiences online with the latest technology and quality content in an entertaining way, thus giving them the best possible education.

Tutor e Institute’s digital portfolio includes a Career Awareness course with behavioral analyses, versatile courses in food safety and personal prosperity as well as courses in sustainability and circular economy.

Tutor e Institute is a member of Education Finland’s governmental education export program, which is governed by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

For more information please visit our website:


Outi Suojanen

CEO, Tutor e Institute

HEI Way Finds Bangkok

HEI Schools is an award-winning international kindergarten from Finland that has consistently been ranked at the top of the World’s Best Education Charts.

The University of Helsinki, the school’s co-founder, is a part of HEI’s daily working team, constantly striving to research, plan, and innovate for a successful implementation of the Finnish early education system.



HEI Schools has been recognized through the Vuoden Huiput Grand Prix, Best Service & Product Award (2018), the Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award (2019), and the Hundred Innovation Awards (2019 and 2020).

Now, the HEI Schools concept has found its way also to central Bangkok, where a brand new campus opened in November 2021.




HEI Schools Bangkok

Sukhumvit 36, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok