Thailand’s Team Finland (Education)

October 2013:

  • EDUCA (Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development)

  • Finland Pavilion with the discussion from the students who went to Finland and the business owners who hired Finnish graduates

  • Film: Finland Phenomena

  • Invited Guests: 200 participants with high-ranking governmental officers such as Deputy Governor of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Chairman of Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), etc.

  • Targeted Group: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior, private firms, public institutions, scholars, researches, etc.

January- May 2014:

  • Visits (as a follow-up activity to BMA and IPST)

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August- September 2014: One-week stay in Bangkok and One-week stay in Oulu for each group

  • In-service Teacher Training Program to BMA by Oulu University’s Extension School

  • 20 BMA Teacher Visiting Oulu University for In-service Teacher Training

  • 10 BMA School Directors (Headmasters) Visiting Oulu University for In-service Teacher Training

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September 2014:

  • Visits to Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning

    • Note: the founding member of the school is now the Chairman of National Reform Council- Education.

  • Dinner Discussion with LOXLEY Congromolate Group

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October 2014: Activities in Finland

  • IPST Board and President’s Visit to Finland

  • 3 Interns from IPST’ Stay at Oulu University’s Extension School

October 2014: Activities in Thailand

  • EDUCA and Finland’ Session

  • BMA delegates presenting their Finnish experiences to the group of 600 participants from teachers, school directors, and news reporters

  • Delegates from Future Learning Finland with one-to-one discussion with potential clients from Thailand


December 2014:

  • Skilltize (participating in EDUCA 2014)’s Discussion with IPST on e-Learning Collaboration- Mr. Mika Martikainen (Managing Director)

February 2015:

  • Planning for the next in-service training program at Oulu University together with Deputy Governor of BMA

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