TFCC Networking event held at the Finnish Ambassador’s Residence

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Her Excellency, Ambassador of Finland Kirsti Westphalen hosted the last TFCC Networking event of the year at her Residence on Wednesday, Dec 16th.

The 130 guests included the members and partners of TFCC and top management from international and Thai companies. Dr. Kongkiti from Kasetsart University had also invited many Thai teachers to this event that highlighted the Education project between Thailand and Finland. Naturally the most famous Finnish guest came all the way from Korvatunturi, Finland. Santa Claus has time for TFCC every year!

TFCC is very happy to realise how many new companies want to join in our Chamber as new members and partners and the new year 2016 looks very promising for us as we thrive to make this Chamber a very strong Nordic Chamber helping our members to prosper in their business in Thailand and in South East Asia.