TFCC President’s Letter – April Fools’ Day

Recent announcements

Dear Fellow Members,

For your information …

  • Our office manager, Ms. Kewalin (Kel) Kiatchusak, ended her employment at our office yesterday in order to move to Finland and start studying intercultural studies at Helsinki University later this year. On behalf of TFCC I want to thank her for her services to all of us and I wish her good luck in Finland!
  • Our intern Miss Henna Kirjavainen ended her internship in March and she will complete her thesis concerning TFCC Inbound Marketing Strategy in Finland. We will share the results of her study at our annual ordinary general meeting on 21st September 2020 at Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok.

A few strategic decisions were made in March 2020 …

  • Instead of recruiting a new office manager the board of directors of TFCC decided to outsource secretarial and administrative services from 1 April 2020 to KlarACC Co., Ltd., who is already delivering accounting services to TFCC. Services requiring legal advisory will be outsourced to Wissen & Co. Lawyers just as before. Wissen & Co. Lawyers is our Partner and both companies are our corporate members.
  • Board of directors of TFCC decided to terminate our contract concerning private office space for two persons with IW Serviced Office Co., Ltd.; however, we decided to sign a new contract with IW Serviced Office from 1 April 2020 concerning office space for one person only on the 23rd floor of Two Pacific Place building. Our executive director, Mr. Teuvo Tuomi, will continue working for us and he will use the office space alone from now on.

Outsourcing secretarial and administrative services and downgrading office space for one person only will reduce our fixed cost to minimum.

Unfortunately almost all of our events like so many other events in Thailand have been cancelled due to present global situation as you all know; however, we plan to organize Vappu Party on 1st of May and continue our monthly TFCC Get Together Meetings (GTM) on the last Friday of the month for those, who are healthy.

The outcome of the present situation is that several corporate and individual members of TFCC have had to downscale or shut down their operations or even withdraw their business from Thailand completely. The impact of this is reduced income from annual partnership and membership fees as well as lack of sponsorship income from planned, but cancelled events. The board of directors will monitor the situation and control costs in order to survive until the situation is over and we will get back our old members or attract new ones. I hope all our members, who can continue their memberships will renew their membership in due time.

For your information I started working today for a privately owned company called ANEO Software Oy from Finland. I set up and registered Thailand Representative Office of ANEO Software in Q1/20 and now I am acting as the Representative Office Manager in Thailand and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in South-East Asia. ANEO Software Oy develops software for asset and maintenance management and its maintenance management system, ARTTURI, is the leading solution for maintenance management in Finland. ARTTURI is now available in Thailand and will be delivered to customers as a service rather than licensed software.

I am now working from my home office in Chonburi (Pattaya) as so many other people do nowadays conducting virtual meetings and focusing more work time on inbound digital marketing rather than outbound marketing.

Yours sincerely

Jorma Manninen