TFCC President’s Letter – February 2020

Recent announcements

Dear Fellow Members, Partners and Friends,

For your information we have made a few new decisions, organised events and been active in many ways.


  • We decided to start procurement of secretarial and administrative services from external parties, who we think are capable of delivering services required by TFCC.


  • TFCC Shrove Sunday and House Warming Party had to be cancelled due to coronavirus fears.
  • TFCC GT Friday on 28 February 2020 at Bully’s Pub – GT Friday is a get together after work party for members and guests every last Friday of the month.


  • TFCC Presidents are negotiating with a few potential new members and partners, who are interested in collaborating wth us.
  • TFCC executive director Mr. Teuvo Tuomi started working for TFCC in February 2020.
  • TFCC new business address has been registered at DBD and other government authorities , banks, etc. will be informed in March 2020.
  • TFCC Intern Miss Henna Kirjavainen is conducting her bachelor thesis about Inbound Marketing Strategy and she will report the results in March 2020.

New Members

  • TFCC has received and approved a few membership applications and new members will be introduced later and their contact information will be uploaded on our website.

Other Issues

  • I will relocate my family from Bangkok to Chonburi (Pattaya) in March and start working in Thailand for a Finnish company in April 2020.

Have a nice weekend!

Jorma Manninen, President